Ceramic Lining

General Description

DUROMAR EAC is a brushable and versatile maintenance material, which has excellent resistance to both acids and caustics as well as having excellent abrasion resistance. It is primarily used to resurface any component requiring both abrasion and chemical resistance such as tanks, heat exchangers, valve or pump internals.


  • Excellent chemical and thermal resistance
  • Very good resistance to moderate levels of abrasion
  • Excellent fluid flow characteristics
  • Long term flexibility
  • Excellent resistance to cavitation


Components: 2
Solids by Weight: 100%
Mix Ratio by Weight: 5:2 (B/A)
Mix Ratio by Volume: 2:1 (B/A)
Working Time: 30 minutes @ 70°F
Recoat Time (min/max): 3-24 hours @ 70°F
Functional Cure: 180 hours @ 70°F
Full Cure: 120 hours @ 70°F

Application Equipment

  • Brush/Roller