Novolac Ceramic Lining

General Description

DUROMAR EXP is a higher chemical and temperature resistant version of the EAC used in the most aggressive of chemical environments.


  • Outstanding chemical and thermal resistance
  • Very good resistance to moderate levels of abrasion
  • Excellent fluid flow characteristics
  • Long term flexibility
  • Excellent resistance to cavitation
  • Excellent resistance to scaling


Components: 2
Solids by Weight: 100%
Mix Ratio by Weight: 2:1 (B/A)
Mix Ratio by Volume: 1.7:1 (B/A)
Working Time: 30 minutes @ 70°F
Recoat Time (min/max): 3-24 hours @ 70°F
Functional Cure: 48 hours @ 70°F
Full Cure: 168 hours @ 70°F

Application Equipment

  • Brush/Roller