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Mining Industries

Corrosion in the mining industry is not a surprise given the harsh abrasive environments encountered and the corrosive properties of the materials throughout the process. From mining and transportation, to milling and concentrating, to leaching and electrowinning, critically important equipment and structures need to be protected. If not protected, this corrosion and erosion will reduce the structure’s strength, reliability and, ultimately, its life span.

Duromar recognizes that the key to solving these erosion and corrosion problems is in the selection and use of 100% solids, zero VOC, solvent-free polymeric materials. These products, while being safe for the applicator to use and non-toxic to the environment, also significantly outperform conventional solvent-based or hazardous coatings. Duromar’s high performance epoxy coatings will provide outstanding performance, with excellent durability and strength. Our coatings offer chemical resistance, thermal resistance, abrasion resistance, physical abuse resistance, general corrosion resistance, UV resistance, and flexibility.


Acid Tanks/Vessels EXP EXP-Thixset
Chemical Storage Tanks EXP EXP-Thixset
Conditioning Tanks EAC SAR HPL-2221
Deaeration Vessels EXP EXP-Thixset HPL-4310
Evaporators EXP EXP-Thixset HPL-4310
Flash Cooling Towers EAC SAR HPL-2510
Fuel/Oil Storage Tanks
(mild chemical resistance)
Leeching Circuit EAC SAR HPL-2221
Leeching Circuit HPL-4310
Loading/Hauling Equipment EAC-FE HAR HPL-2221
Raw Material Storage
(extra abrasion resistance)
Slurry Pipes EAC-FE HAR HPL-2221
Slurry Tanks EAC-FE HAR HPL-2221
Solvent Extraction Pipes EXP EXP-Thixset HPL-4310
Stacks EXP EXP-Thixset HPL-4310
Structural Steel EAC SAR HPL-1110
Surge Tanks EAC-FE HAR HPL-2133
Surge Tanks HPL-2221
Thickener Tanks EAC-FE HAR HPL-2133
Thickener Tanks HPL-2221
Underwater/Wet Repairs/Coatings EAC-UW SAR-UW HPL-2510-UW
Acid Tanks/Vessels Chemical Storage Tanks Contact Duromar
Secondary Containment Stairs See Floors & Concrete Surfaces