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Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industries

Corrosion in the Oil and Gas industry is a significant problem due to the harsh atmospheric and industrial environments encountered and the corrosive properties of the produced fluids and gases throughout the process. From drilling, to production, to refining, to storage, to transportation, critically important equipment and structures need to be protected. If not protected, this corrosion and erosion will reduce the structure’s strength, reliability and, ultimately, life span.

Duromar has been heavily involved with erosion, corrosion and abrasion problems since 1968. We recognize that the key to solving these problems is in the selection and use of 100% solids, zero VOC, solvent-free polymeric materials. These products, while being safe for the applicator to use and non-toxic to the environment, also significantly outperform conventional solvent-based or hazardous coatings.


Accommodation Modules EAC SAR HPL-2510
Accommodation Modules HPL-6310
Acid/Chemical Storage Tanks EXP EXP-Thixset
Brine Ponds EAC SAR HPL-2510
Cantilevers EAC SAR HPL-2510
Cantilevers HPL-6310
Desulfurization Systems EXP SAR HPL-2131
Desulfurization Systems HPL-4310
Heat Exchangers/Condensers EAC SAR HPL-2510
Mud System Tanks HPL-2221
Mud System Tanks EAC-FE SAR HPL-2131
Offshore Legs (above waterline) EAC SAR HPL-6300
Offshore Legs (below waterline) EAC SAR HPL-2510
Offshore Platform Tanks EAC SAR HPL-2510
Pipeline – Exterior EAC SAR HPL-2221
Pipeline – Exterior HPL-2510
Pipeline – Interior EAC SAR HPL-2510
Pumps EAC-FE SAR HPL-2221
Storage Tanks – Exterior EAC SAR HPL-1110
Storage Tanks – Exterior HPL-6300
Storage Tanks – Interior Oil/Gas/Water EAC SAR HPL-2131
Storage Tanks – Interior Oil/Gas/Water HPL-2510
Underwater Repairs EAC-UW SAR-UW HPL-2510-UW
Water Injection Systems EAC SAR HPL-2510
Acid/Chemical Storage Tanks Process Vessels Contact Duromar
Anti-Slip Floors Offshore Platform Decks Secondary Containment See Floors & Concrete Surfaces