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Corrosion in the Pulp & Paper industry is not a surprise given the harsh atmospheric environments encountered and the corrosive properties of the liquids, muds, slurries and gases throughout the process. From digesters to evaporators, bleaching to refining, wastewater treatment to flue gas desulfurization, critically important equipment and structures need to be protected. If not protected, this corrosion and erosion will reduce the structure’s strength, reliability, life span and, ultimately, its economic value.

Duromar recognizes that the key to solving these erosion and corrosion problems is in the selection and use of 100% solids, zero VOC, solvent-free polymeric materials. These products, while being safe for the applicator to use and non-toxic to the environment, also significantly outperform conventional solvent-based or hazardous coatings. Worldwide, customers are selecting high performance coatings and at the same time, VOC regulations are continuously becoming more stringent. These two dynamics are pushing the Pulp & Paper industry to Duromar’s “high performance, zero VOC” solution.


Acid Storage Tanks EXP EXP-Thixset
Baghouse Hoppers & Walls EAC SAR HPL-2201
Black Liquor Tanks EXP SAR HPL-4310
Centrifuges SAR HPL-2221
Condensers EAC SAR HPL-2510
Cooling Towers EAC SAR HPL-2510
Dust Collector Hoppers EAC SAR HPL-2201
Green Liquor Tanks EAC SAR HPL-2510
Heat Exchangers EAC SAR HPL-2201
Hydro Pulpers EAC SAR HPL-2201
Oil Storage Tanks EAC SAR HPL-2510
Penstock Lines EAC SAR HPL-2510
Product Chutes EAC HAR HPL-2510
Pump Casings EAC SAR HPL-2221
Pump Impellors EAC SAR HPL-2221
Rail Cars EAC SAR HPL-2221
Reagent Storage EAC SAR HPL-2221
Tanks EXP SAR HPL-4310
Recovery Boiler Ductwork EXP SAR HPL-4310
Screw Conveyors EAC HAR HPL-2133
Stock Chests EAC SAR HPL-2221
Valves EAC SAR HPL-2221
White Liquor Tanks EAC SAR HPL-2510
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