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Power Plants

Of all the problems that could beset a power generating station’s circulating water system, fowling and corrosion are the ones that most challenge a system’s efficiency and productivity. The environment inside a circulating water system contains various amounts of silts and dissolved solids, and this water condition can lead to significant corrosion and/or erosion problems and is compounded with the possibility of enhanced biological growth such as MIC, and many types of marine organisms such as mussels, barnacles, oysters and algae. This activity can take its toll on the inner surfaces of the condensers, waterboxes, heat exchangers, intake and outtake water pipelines and tunnels, pumps, basins, trash racks and traveling screens.


Duromar, Inc recognized early that the key to solving many of these problems would be in the use of specialty formulated 2-part epoxy systems. The products are all 100% solids, zero VOC, solvent-free epoxy systems. The products are safe to use and apply, fast curing, and moisture tolerant (including under water conditions). Correctly applied, these products eliminate galvanic corrosion problems, abrasion and erosion losses, and the in-leaking of ground water. Biological and marine growth is also minimized using these epoxies and can be completely controlled by the addition of Duromar’s foul-release system.


Ash Hoppers EAC SAR HPL-2201
Ash Slurry Tanks EAC SAR HPL-2221
Boiler Seal Skirts EXP EXP-Thixset HPL-4300
Cation Tanks EXP SAR HPL-4310
Circulating Water Lines EAC SAR HPL-2510
Clinker Grinders EAC HAR HPL-2131
Coal Bunkers EAC SAR HPL-2221
Coal Exhausters EAC-FE HAR HPL-2201
Coal Chutes EAC-FE Ultra-Build HPL-2221
Condenser Waterboxes & Doors EAC SAR HPL-2510
Cooling Tower Fans EAC-FE SAR HPL-2221
Deaerator Tanks EXP SAR HPL-4310
Demineralizer Tanks EXP EXP-Thixset HPL-4310
Ductwork EXP SAR HPL-4310
Fuel Storage Tanks EAC SAR HPL-2510
Heat Exchangers EAC SAR HPL-2201
Hydro Flood Tunnels EAC SAR HPL-2510
Hydro Penstocks EAC SAR HPL-2510
Hydro Scroll Cases EAC-FE SAR HPL-2221
Hydro Wheels EAC-FE SAR HPL-2221
Hydro Wicket Gates EAC-FE SAR HPL-2221
Intake/Outtake Basins EAC-UW SAR-UW HPL-2510-UW
Main Circulating Pump Housing EAC SAR HPL-2221
Stacks EXP SAR HPL-4310
Strainers EAC-FE SAR HPL-2221
Traveling Water Screens EAC SAR HPL-2221
Cooling Tower Basins See Floors & Concrete Surfaces
Demineralizing Floors See Floors & Concrete Surfaces