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Wind Energy

The erosion and corrosion of wind towers and blades is not a surprise given the variety of and often harsh environmental conditions encountered at sea and on land. If not protected, this erosion and corrosion will reduce the structure’s strength, reliability, life span and, ultimately, its economic value.

Duromar recognizes that the key to solving these challenges is in the selection and use of 100% solids, zero VOC, solvent-free polymeric materials. These products, while being safe for the applicator to use and non-toxic to the environment, also significantly outperform conventional solvent-based and polyurethane coatings. Duromar has engineered a comprehensive hybrid epoxy coating system designed specifically to protect onshore and offshore wind assets. This system provides outstanding long-term color stability, weatheability, adhesion and impact resistance.


Offshore Tower SAR WE-6221 WE-6221
Offshore Nacelle SAR WE-6221 WE-6221
Underwater Repair SAR-UW EAC-UW HPL-2510-UW
Onshore Tower SAR WE-6222 WE-6222
Onshore Nacelle SAR WE-6222 WE-6222
Blade – Leading Edge WE-9100 WE-9200 WE-9300/WE-9300 FAST
Blade – Full Length WE-9100 WE-9200 WE-9400