Ceramic Putty

General Description

DUROMAR SAR is a versatile easy-to-use rebuilding putty with excellent abrasion and chemical resistance. This product is heavily filled with aluminum oxide and can be built up to an inch in thickness or more. Typical applications are for rebuilding of pump casings, slurry tanks, weld seams or anywhere requiring the restoration of metal components.


  • Very good chemical resistance
  • Excellent resistance to entrained solids and abrasion
  • Excellent temperature and thermal shock resistance
  • Extended pot life
  • May be applied up to thickness of 1″ or more


Components: 2
Solids by Weight: 100%
Mix Ratio by Weight: 2:1 (B/A)
Mix Ratio by Volume: 2:1 (B/A)
Working Time: 50 minutes @ 70°F
Recoat Time (min/max): 2-6 hours @ 70°F
Functional Cure: 24 hours @ 70°F
Full Cure: 120 hours @ 70°F

Application Equipment

  • Trowel/Squeegee