Offshore Tower Coating

General Description

WE-6221 is an innovative, color stable and abrasion resistant coating designed specifically to withstand the rigors of long-term offshore exposure. This 100% solids, zero VOC coating system is approved for salt water immersion, splash zone, and the most severe atmospheric corrosion (C5-m). This easy to apply, two coat system provides long term, maintenance free protection for offshore wind towers and nacelles.


  • Environmentally friendly, Zero VOC coating system
  • Outstanding UV resistance and color stability
  • Excellent adhesion to metal, concrete or composite substrates
  • Designed for superior longevity with excellent flexibility and abrasion and impact resistance
  • May be applied by hand or airless spray equipment


Components: 2
Solids by Weight: 100%
Mix Ratio by Weight: 4.1:1 (B/A)
Mix Ratio by Volume: 5:2 (B/A)
Working Time: 70 minutes @ 70°F
Recoat Time (min/max): 6-48 hours @ 70°F
Functional Cure: 24 hours @ 70°F
Full Cure: 96 hours @ 70°F

Application Equipment

  • Brush/Roller
  • Airless Sprayer