Blade Topcoat

General Description

WE-9400 is a zero VOC, two component coating system designed specifically for coating wind turbine blades. This easy to apply system provides an extremely smooth, aerodynamic and resilient surface over the entire blade. We recommend that Duromar WE-9300 be applied first for leading edge protection,


  • Environmentally friendly, Zero VOC coating system
  • Outstanding UV resistance and color stability
  • Excellent adhesion to composite or metal blades
  • Tack-free in 4 hour at 70ºF, allowing for quick turnarounds
  • Designed for superior longevity with excellent flexibility and impact resistance
  • May be applied by hand or with plural component airless spray equipment


Components: 2
Solids by Weight: 100%
Mix Ratio by Weight: 3.75:1 (B/A)
Mix Ratio by Volume: 2.5:2 (B/A)
Working Time: 45 minutes @ 70ºF
Recoat Time (min/max): 4-48 hours @ 70ºF
Functional Cure: 24 hours @ 70ºF
Full Cure: 96 hours @ 70ºF

Application Equipment

  • Brush/Roller
  • Airless Sprayer