Industry Solutions

Marine Industries

Corrosion of assets on the open sea is not a surprise given the harsh environments encountered and the corrosive and abrasive cargo stored internally on tankers. If not protected, this corrosion and erosion will reduce the structure’s strength and life span.

Duromar recognizes that the key to solving these erosion and corrosion problems is the selection and use of 100% solids, zero VOC, solvent-free polymeric materials. These products, while being safe for the applicator to use and non-toxic to the environment, also significantly outperform conventional solvent-based or hazardous coatings. Worldwide, customers are selecting high performance coatings and at the same time, VOC regulations are continuously becoming more stringent. These two dynamics are pushing the marine industry to Duromar’s “high performance, zero VOC solution”.


Ballast Tanks EAC SAR HPL-2510
Bilges GMC SAR HPL-2510
Bow & Stern Thrusters EAC-FE SAR HPL-2221
Bulbous Noses EAC-FE SAR HPL-2221
Cargo Tanks EAC SAR HPL-2510
Chain Lockers EAC-FE SAR HPL-2131
Condensers EAC SAR HPL-2510
Corroded/Cavitated Wet Liners EAC-FE SAR HPL-2221
Discharge Pipes EAC SAR HPL-2221
Evaporators EXP EXP-Thixset HPL-4310
Foam Tanks EAC SAR HPL-2510
Gas Fan Castings EXP SAR HPL-4310
Gas Scrubbers EXP SAR HPL-4310
Hull Anodes EAC SAR HPL-2221
Hull Rivets EAC SAR HPL-2221
Kort Nozzle Surfaces EAC-FE SAR HPL-2221
Oil Coolers EAC SAR HPL-2510
Rudder/Rudder Stocks EAC SAR HPL-2510
Sea Chests & Scoops EAC-FE SAR HPL-2201
Seawater Strainers EAC SAR HPL-2221
Sewage Tanks EAC SAR HPL-2221
Shafts EAC MG-F HPL-2510
Sluice Gates EAC-FE SAR HPL-2221
Stern Post Erosion & Cavitation EAC-FE SAR HPL-2221
Valve Body Surfaces EAC-FE SAR HPL-2221
Non-Skid Deck Surfaces See Floors & Concrete Surfaces